Sunday, March 3, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday - THE WANTED MAN

By Matthew Pizzolato

Book Description: 
The Wanted Man is a collection of eight short stories set in the American West and touches on themes of vengeance, abuse and honor. Texas Ranger Jud Nelson appears in the title story and receives some aid from an unlikely source in chasing down a killer. Outlaw Wesley Quaid discovers that not only is the law on his trail in the form of Ranger Jud Nelson but a hired assassin has been paid to kill him. Is Texas big enough for the three of them?

The Setup:
These six sentences are from the Wesley Quaid story, "A Stagecoach for Sally." Wesley makes a contribution from one of his forcible banking withdrawals to a saloon girl named Sally and takes offense when the saloon owner refuses to let her leave town.

     "That's none of your damn business."
     "I'm making it my business."  I stepped toward him and stopped three paces away. My right hand dangled near the butt of my Colt.
     Jack noticed and swallowed hard.  Beads of sweat sprouted on his forehead.

Is the outlaw Wesley Quaid capable of being a knight is shining armor?  Find out in THE WANTED MAN short story collection.

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