Friday, December 16, 2011

God's Gunslinger - Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow is not a gunslinger of Western lore, but he shares three qualities that just about any man from that time period possessed.

Honor. During the Old West, men lived by a code, whether they were upstanding citizens or outlaws. Tebow lives by a certain moral code. He stands for something and is not afraid to display his beliefs.

Whenever he scores a touchdown or leads his team to victory, he takes a knee and points a finger toward the sky, giving thanks to God. Thanking God for success is nothing new. Athletes have been doing it on the field and musicians who win awards have done it behind the podium. Yet Tebow has been criticized and mocked when he gives thanks to the Lord. Whenever he kneels and prays on the field, it's called "Tebowing."

Loyalty. Any Western hero in inherently loyal to either friends or family or to whatever cause he was pursuing. Cowboys of the time period "rode for the brand."

Tebow is a natural leader who credits his teammates for his success and accepts responsibility when he fails. He doesn't blame his mistakes on others and he gives everything he has to help his team win.

Integrity. In an age when many athletes regularly fail drug tests or are convicted of crimes and are sent to prison, Tebow invests his time off the field in more rewarding pursuits. During his senior year at the University of Florida, he started a powder-puff football tournament and raised $340,000 for charity.

Tim Tebow is an anomaly in the sports world today. He's an athlete that people can admire, not only for his unique skills on the field, but for his ability to never give up.

Football is not a game about X's and O's. It’s a game of heart and soul coupled with the desire to win. That's why teams with great players are often beaten by lesser talented ones. That's why the so-called experts who criticize his throwing motion and say that Tebow won't be a success in the NFL are wrong.

The keys to being a success in any endeavor are the will to win and the perseverance to never quit. People said when Tebow entered the draft that he wouldn't make it in the NFL, yet here he is playing as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos.

Although he strives to win every time he's on the field, he often says that football is just a game and that God doesn't care who wins or loses. Whether or not you share his beliefs, Tim Tebow is a man that anyone can aspire to be. He's a hero reminiscent of the Old West.

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  1. I live in Denver and have met Tim Tebow a number of times (getting autographs). He is a sweet, sincerely nice guy and so far, the fame doesn't seem to be affecting him, at least not what I've seen. I've even talked to him about donating a portion of my book sales to his foundation and he is pursuing that. He didn't blow me off or act like I was a nobody...he was interested in what could help the foundation. It's refreshing to see someone like this, regardless of their faith.

  2. It is refreshing, Renee. It's nice to see someone with the courage to stand up for what he believes.

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